TStv Forced to Change their Satellite tv Parameters


TStv Africa has been working hard to fulfill their promises as we expected from the company to break the monopoly of others satellite tv company, even before TStv Africa unveiled last year October has been facing signal challenges. Tstv Africa still accessible on satellite ABS @ 3W but changed to another frequency as follows:

  • Satellite position: ABS 3A @3W

  • Frequencies: 10972 V 30000 and 11007 V 30000


Also, there’s rumour that, TStv will begin to roll out their named decoder called sassy box on the 1st of April which is tomorrow without their premium channels like Grande Sport, movies and others are yet to be working fine.

As the time of writing this article, TStv Africa Channels are about 41 channels and there are about 6-7 channels that are not opening, For these reasons Tstv Channels can be removed totally or reduce and increase the number of channels without prior notice.

If you experience lost of signal at any time, please kindly undergo blindscan to chech test whether TStv has changed the frequency/parameters again or call or visit your neighbor before touch your dish to avoid inconveniences.

My advise to our reader is to kindly exercise more patience and lets give TStv more time to work out these challenges  so that we can enjoying their system fully as well as to make the TStv dream comes true, And if it happen to begin the sales of their decoder tomorrow, I will still implore you to let the dealer activate the box for you before you leave the point where you purchase your decoder, for more information about TStv news kindly visit official TStv webite.


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