PowerVu Software For Sony Entertainment And AFN Network Fixed

PowerVu Software For Sony Entertainment On Intelsat 68.5

It is been a while as the Sony Entertainment Network changed to the new software algorithm which forced almost all the Autorole PowerVu receiver to opening Sony on Intelsat 68.5 and Asiasat 105.5 as the most watching Indian satellite including high rated decoder for Tiger box, Starsat and all other Chinese receivers and later AFN Network also apply the new software algorithm too in the early of this month.

PowerVu Software For Sony Entertainment On Intelsat 68.5

Thanks to the engineers or Teams of starsat company to get the job done by providing the latest software which break the new software algorithm of PowerVu channels most especially Sony Entertainment Network on Asiasat 105.5, Intelsat 68.5 And AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A.

PowerVu Software For Sony Entertainment On Asiasat 105.5

  • To download the latest software for starsat click here
  • To download the latest software for Tiger receiver click here

Note: You are strongly advice to make sure that there is no power failure during the upgrading process as it may soft-brick your decoder when there is power failure.

How To Upgrade Your Starsat And Tiger Receiver

  • After you have download the latest PowerVu software from the links provided above.
  • Copy the software to a flash drive or a pendrive.
  • Extract it
  • Press Menu from the remote control
  • Navigate to Software Upgrade And Select USB Upgrade
  • Locate the Extracted file e.g Starsat.bin
  • Press Ok Button to start upgrading
  • After Successful upgrade, wait for your decoder to finish rebooting
  • Check any the PowerVu Channels be it Sony on Intelsat 68.5 or Asiasat 105.5 and AFN on Eutelsat 9A
  • Wait for few seconds for the new software algorithm to get new PowerVu Key and the Channels will start opening.

Another one important notice I want to share with you is that Sony Entertainment will be unavailable in almost all the service provider features Sony Entertainment Channels on their package on 31st of October, don’t be surprise if you don’t get Sony Entertainment channels available among your subscription bouquet as from next month.




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