8×8 Virtual Office Pro Review: A business phone system you can take on the go

Virtual Office Editions

With 128 licenses added to its repertoire and more than 40,000 clients, 8×8 is a power to be figured with in the cloud-based communications department. What began as a little time merchant of semiconductors has gradually yet unquestionably advanced into a sweltering behemoth in the Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, market.

These days, 8×8 offers products that interest not exclusively to little to average sized businesses (SMBs), but on the other hand it’s spread out to more standard enterprise companies and call centers.

Virtual Office Editions

8×8 Virtual Office Genius specifically inclines more toward medium sized business clients. It once existed as an extra for the three base Editions of Virtual Office, including the $25 (£19.26) per user every month X2 Edition, the $35 (£26.96) per user every month X5 Edition and the $55 (£42.37) per user every month X8 Edition.

You can sign up for 8×8 Virtual Office Professional here

All things considered, a client service specialist affirmed to us in an online deals visit that Virtual Office Star is currently viewed as an inheritance item inaccessible to new clients. Its one of a kind features – call recording, web conferencing and internet fax – are presently collapsed into the X5 Edition and X8 Edition of the service. So with that, how about we investigate the qualifications among this trio of Virtual Office packages.

Cost and key features

Indeed, even at the standard cost of $25 (£19.26) multi month for every user, you can expect a great deal of meat from the 8×8 Virtual Office X2 edition plan. For one, each user gets their own telephone line, complete with their very own exclusive telephone number and a virtual augmentation for accepting rerouted calls. Over that, they get unlimited calling to 14 nations including Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Unified States.


Unlimited internet fax, which was initially discovered just in the Virtual Office Professional extra, now accompanies the Virtual Office X2 Edition too. You can likewise rely on an auto-orderly, voice message and integration with the Salesforce, ZenDesk and Netsuite CRM services. There’s some integration with Microsoft Standpoint, as well, however it’s for the most part constrained to pinging individuals with ready messages and booking gatherings. Obtaining the Virtual Office X2 Edition gives you 1GB of media storage.

Next up is the $35 (£26.96) 8×8 Virtual Office X5 Edition, which packs all that you’ll discover in the X2 Edition however then ups the risk with Virtual Office Professional’s call recording, and an administrator switchboard. Rather than unlimited calling to 14 nations, the check is more than bent over to 32. Hence, in the event that you have to make visit calls to China, Denmark or South Korea, you’ll presumably need to pick at any rate the X5 Edition. Media storage is knock up to 5GB.

Virtual Office Editions

Finally, the 8×8 Virtual Office X8 Edition releases presents a large group of extra features missing from the other service packs. It’s $55 (£42.37) per user every month, except it legitimizes its loftier sticker price with call quality announcing and analytics, an analytics supervisor and an abundance of contact center trappings. You get inbound contact center support, outbound contact center support, 2,000 contact center minutes, 3 months of contact center account storage, contact center IVR and contact center chronicle and analytics.

Alongside the majority of that, 8×8 Virtual Office X8 Edition takes unlimited calling up to 47 nations, a rundown which includes every one of the 32 of the nations you get with the X5 Edition in addition to India, Japan, South Africa and a couple of others. Likewise, the media storage bobs up to 10GB with the X8 Edition plan. Every one of the three of these Virtual Office Editions are good with a standard (yet optional) desk telephone, the Virtual Office desktop application and the Virtual Office internet browser customer, so you don’t need to stress over an absence of adaptability with regards to the hardware you’re utilizing.

Competition and decision

In general, the best esteem and the most comparable item to the now-ancient Virtual Office Edition is the 8×8 Virtual Office X5 Edition. At $35 (£26.96), it costs more than the $24.99 (£19.26) RingCentral (For Business) Standard plan, but at the same time it’s more tantamount to RingCentral’s $34.99 (£26.97) Premium plan since they both offer call recording and CRM integration.

One advantage of RingCentral (For Office) Premium more than 8×8 Virtual Office X5 Edition  is the integration it has with Microsoft, Google, Box and Okta products. RingCentral additionally guarantees day in and day out client support. From numerous points of view, the services are comparative, which bodes well considering how intently they’re evaluated. In the event that you go for the 8×8 Virtual Office X8 Edition, you’re clearly signing up for the contact center perspectives that don’t appear in RingCentral’s plans.

At last, in case you’re choosing another VoIP service for your business, the best item relies upon your requirements. Fortunately 8×8 Virtual Office has a considerable measure of things making it work. It’s as simple to set up as attaching the telephones to an internet connection, and there are three distinct strategies to utilize the service if the classic desk telephone isn’t your style. Despite the fact that newcomers can never again subscribe to 8×8 Virtual Office Ace, its usefulness lives on as the X5 Edition.

In case you’re in the market for another VoIP service with not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind evaluating and a huge number of convincing features, 8×8 Virtual Office merits a look.



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