Latest Free-To-Air Sports Channels For Epl, FA Cup & UCL

Latest Free-To-Air Sports Channels For Epl, FA Cup & UCL: Eleven Sport Taiwan

To watch Live Sport events has become though most especially Live EPL football matches for the past 4-5month ago after the dead of ARQ Multi-Channels despite the fact that Signal-6 is still showing LA Liga matches, It seems the situation is change and fortunately, This is the best time for African countries for enjoying different sport channels at the same time.

Sport Eleven Taiwan On Eutelsat 10A at 10e

The Good news about these two channels is that their signal is very easy to get and those who have wide band dish with motorized jack can quickly install these two channels, one is located on Eutelsat 10A at 10e tagged Eleven Sport Taiwan but appear on your tv screen as “Test SD” and the other is located on Eutelsat 16a at 16e named Africa+2, If you combine both cband and ku together on a big dish, you can get both Eleven Sport Taiwan and Africa+2 on the same position at the same time.


  • Minimum of 1.8m dish for Eleven Sport Taiwan And 60cm dish for Africa+2
  • Hevc H.265 Digital Satellite Tv Receiver
  • Cband Lnb with di-electric plate for Eleven Sport And Ku Band For Africa+2 Channel

Latest Free-To-Air Sports Channels For Epl, FA Cup & UCL: Eleven Sport Taiwan Channels

How To Install Eleven Sport Channels On Wide Band Dish

  • Place your LNB to 5 O’clock
  • Firstly, Track New World Channels on Eutelsat 10A at 10e using Frequency: 3777 R 6478
  • For beginner, the dish will be raise up while standing on the east side and be vigilant to hit the signal
  • Once You have successfully get the signal, Tight your dish very well to avoid loss of signal
  • Manually enter Eleven Sport Taiwan Frequency using 3649 R 20160 and scan.
  • After You Successsfully Scan the frequency, You will get chinese channels but look for “Test SD”
  • Then You are done with the installation and start watching Live EPL Football Matches

Latest Free-To-Air Sports Channels For Epl, FA Cup & UCL : Africa+2 Channels

How To Install Africa+2 Channels On 60cm Dish

  • Firstly, Your dish must be mounted on the wall or any where that free from obstacle.
  • Your KU LNB placement must be 3 or 4 O’Clock
  • Start with Vision 4 or Arewa Channels by using Transponder: 10804 H 30000 using manual scan menu
  • Raise your dish up and shift around till you get signal
  • Tight Your dish very well after you might have get signal
  • Manually input Africa+2 Frequency using 11042 H 04167
  • To avoid stress, preferably use blind scan to get more channels on the same position or if you are in hurry mode just use manual scan and look for Africa+2 channels and start enjoying Live EPL Football Matches and many more.

My Eleven Sport Taiwan VS Africa+2 Channels

My Eleven Sport is the same as Eleven Sport Taiwan, don’t get confuse you will know what i mean by that later when you start watching the channels, Eleven Sport is Taiwanese based channels for promoting their young ones, local football league and as well as basketball, golf and so on. Unlike Africa+2 Channel dedicated for both Live EPL and as well as replay and the channels, Africa=+2 Channels is french speaking and usually join Skysport Italia and hopefully, the Africa+2 will be showing Champions League, Carrabao Cup and FA cup but no yet confirmed except Live EPL Football matches that was confirmed during the weekend show.

Furthermore, Africa+2 is very easy to use for Tenants, Lanlord and commercial use because of its portability and low budget.  Eleven Sport Taiwan requires at least 1.8m dish which many Tenants, LandLords And commercial cannot afford because of its high budgets, consume Land Areas and so on…

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  1. I track the signal of the Eleven sport and the African sport+, but for the sport Eleven there is no picture but sound on the channel is that how it work sir. need help

  2. can gsky work with it,my client has gsky decoder and he wants to track it for him.but I wanted to be sure it’s working on the decoder.thanku


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